RS&GIS employs 10 full time, professional staff. These experienced personnel conduct research, teach, and provide services in a variety of geography related fields. In addition, RS&GIS employs several full time and part-time technical staff to assist with these endeavors.

RS&GIS is proud to have several staff members on the registry of Certified GIS Professionals. The stringent certification process requires years of experience in the field, continued professional development, and service to the GIS community. The GIS Certification Institute has awarded this GISP designation to the following individuals: Robert Goodwin, Nick Weil, Joe Welsh and Dave Lusch.

Erin Bunting, PhD
309 Nisbet Building
(517) 432-0446
Joel Lenz
Programmer Analyst
313 Nisbet Building
(517) 355-3276
Sean Collins
IT Manager
308 Nisbet Building
(517) 432-3720
GISP Pin Robert Goodwin, GISP
Senior Geospatial Analyst/Project Manager
312C Nisbet Building
(517) 432-0879
Tamsyn Mihalus
Administrative Assistant
307 Nisbet Building
(517) 353-7198
GISP Pin Nick Weil, GISP
GIS & Remote Sensing Analyst
Aerial Imagery Archive Manager
312B Nisbet Building
(517) 432-0601
Christian Matsoukis
Full-Stack Web / Application Developer
312A Nisbet Building
(517) 432-0604
GISP PinDavid Lusch, GISP
Senior Research Specialist
212 Geography Building
(517) 355-8497
Dylan Hoffner
Web Developer
317 Nisbet Building
(517) 353-3785
GISP Pin Joe Welsh, GISP
GIS & Remote Sensing Analyst
314 Nisbet Building
(517) 355-1886
Matt Yates
Application Developer
317 Nisbet Building
(517) 353-3785